Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys

Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys & Blackpool then back to Droylsden, Manchester.
I had to go to Thornton-Cleveleys to do some work for a customer, right on the sea front, what a lovely place it is. After I finished work I drove to Blackpool in the hope I could fly the drone in some secluded area, but it was very windy, so I just headed back home. Maybe next time I will manage to fly? 🙂

Fires on Stalybridge Moors

As many of you know, there are fires on the moors over Stalybridge, all around Carrbrook. I tried to get some photos today but the Police were there stopping people, which is really a good thing as it keeps us safe. I didn’t manage to fly the drone either as there are helicopters all around dropping water, so I obviously wanted to ensure that my drone was not in anyone’s way, so it was grounded. I may try again tomorrow from a different location.
For now here are some photos of the area and some photos of the surrounding areas.
If you do go to try and see the fire, please keep the roads safe and park out of the way so any emergency vehicles can get through. Stay Safe!