My trip to Singapore

I travelled to Singapore for several days, it’s a beautiful place, filled with Asian people from all over Asia, it has some of the best food in the world due to this culmination of Asia all coming together in one place.

It is a beautiful place, very clean with some strict laws about littering and smoking, which the rest of the world should follow. For dininbg you need to try China Town and Little India, where you’ll fine some of Asia’s best street food.

Melin Llynnon Mill, Anglesey, Wales. (In 4k)

We recently had several days touring the beautiful Isle of Anglesey, Wales. This was one of the places we visited, and we got permission to fly the drones, so here is the footage πŸ™‚ I will add more video soon from the other parts of our wonderful trip. Melin Llynnon Mill, also known as Llynon Mill, is a gristmill located on the outskirts of the village of Llanddeusant on the island of Anglesey.

Halfords Drivetrain clean – not good!

I use my bike quite a lot now to get around with my drone, I bought a Boardman E-Bike, a Topeak Pannier Rack and bag, it’s perfect for getting about and I am not carrying the drone on my back anymore which makes my life much easier πŸ™‚

I decided to get my bike cleaned up and ready for a ride down the West Coast, but Halfords almost messed everything up!

I ordered new tyres which were about Β£60 each, tubeless, after they had the bike for over 24 hours, I called the store to be told I’d be called back, which did not happen. After a lot of messing about, they got the tyres to stay inflated, but said if I’m not happy go back after my ride for a refund, perfect! Well, after they said this, then tried to put my wheels on, the tyres were actually too big for the frame, so they all had to be stripped off again, and I ended up buying cheaper tyres so I could have some grip on the upcoming ride.
I also ordered a Drivetrain clean, you can read about that in my post below which I have put on their site, this is my 2nd complaint to them in as many weeks as they messed up the order on my Topeak pannier rack.

I need to find a reliable bike place near home, wish me luck πŸ˜‰

The Joys of Flying.

Due to Covid-19, none of us have been able to take the trips we all take for granted, so I have made this video to fill in the void. I am really missing my flights to other places in the world. especially in Asia.

Here is a short clip of some of my flights over the years, if it gets enough likes and feedback I will make more πŸ™‚

Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys

Driving from Manchester to Thornton-Cleveleys & Blackpool then back to Droylsden, Manchester.
I had to go to Thornton-Cleveleys to do some work for a customer, right on the sea front, what a lovely place it is. After I finished work I drove to Blackpool in the hope I could fly the drone in some secluded area, but it was very windy, so I just headed back home. Maybe next time I will manage to fly? πŸ™‚

Sunset over Hartshead Pike in October 2020

Due to C-19 we’ve not been out much with the cameras & drones so this week I decided to drive up and try for a sunset, I was very happy with the result πŸ™‚
I met my Nephew up there who was doing some Time-lapse videos the old fashioned way, I’ve not seen the results yet.

Mazda Atenza (Dealers Edition)

I recently saw a video for a model car, similar to my car but NOT the estate unfortunately. I decided to buy one to see how good it was, here is the unboxing πŸ™‚

Gorse Hall Primary School – BEE

Last year in May, I did some drone footage for a local school, but due to the headmistress panicking over GDPR I was never allowed to share the images but she’s now had a change of heart after realising how much she overreacted, the kids saw the video in Assembly and apparently they still talk about the day the guy came with the drone and made it fun πŸ™‚
The footage was in remembrance for the bomb attack in Manchester at the Ariane Grande concert.

We had a great day, the children were so well bahaved and listened to what we told them regarding Drone safety and rules.
When I spoke to the staff this year they had lost the original DVD we made for them, so we have recovered some of the data from our old backups and put them on a new DVD this week. I am hoping we get permission to share the videos, for now here are a couple of images where no faces can be made out, so were safe to share πŸ™‚

Henley on Thames

Last year I went to a funeral in Woking, I stayed in the beautiful Henley on Thames at the hotel in the thumbnail. I last visited here around a decade ago on the way back from an Airshow in Farnborough where the A380 was being shown for the 1st time ever. Henly is a lovely historic place with plenty to see and do, especially if you like to row boats, you can travel on the river Thames.

I flew the drone in-between rain showers, and here is the footage πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy it.

Flying the Mavic Pro
Henley on Thames in December – it was beautiful.