Gorse Hall Primary School – BEE

Last year in May, I did some drone footage for a local school, but due to the headmistress panicking over GDPR I was never allowed to share the images but she’s now had a change of heart after realising how much she overreacted, the kids saw the video in Assembly and apparently they still talk about the day the guy came with the drone and made it fun 🙂
The footage was in remembrance for the bomb attack in Manchester at the Ariane Grande concert.

We had a great day, the children were so well bahaved and listened to what we told them regarding Drone safety and rules.
When I spoke to the staff this year they had lost the original DVD we made for them, so we have recovered some of the data from our old backups and put them on a new DVD this week. I am hoping we get permission to share the videos, for now here are a couple of images where no faces can be made out, so were safe to share 🙂