Dragonfly in the garden today

I was at work until this afternoon and decided to do a little gardening while the sun was shining. Imagine my surprise when I spotted  a Dragonfly sat atop my now headless tulips. After a few minutes he was still there so the camera was grabbed, at this point it had my most used Sigma 18-70mm Art Lens installed, a few shots later, he’s still there, so then I ran in and grabbed my Canon 300mm Lens with IS, I cracked off some more shots and then decided to get the Manfrotto tripod and the 100mm Sigma Macro lens, these shots are of course the best. I managed to get very close to him, he flew off a few times but came back, I even got that on video but the lens was on auto-focus so messed up a bit. I have been back out to get some better video but he’s nowhere to be seen, I just hope he returns tomorrow 🙂

Canon 70-300mm IS
Sigma 18-70mm Art
Sigma 100mm Macro
Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod
360° Dome Cam (security light)