Sunset over Droylsden (August 2018)

I took the drone up on this day as the weather had been gorgeous, with no clouds in the sky, but as the sun fell out of the sky at the end of the day, the cloud formations came, and they looked stunning, it wasn’t until I got the drone in the air I realised how nice the sky looked – I did some photos and videos, for now here is a 16 shot panorama of the sunset over Manchester.

Droylsden Sunset 8th August 2018

Dragonfly in the garden today

I was at work until this afternoon and decided to do a little gardening while the sun was shining. Imagine my surprise when I spotted  a Dragonfly sat atop my now headless tulips. After a few minutes he was still there so the camera was grabbed, at this point it had my most used Sigma 18-70mm Art Lens installed, a few shots later, he’s still there, so then I ran in and grabbed my Canon 300mm Lens with IS, I cracked off some more shots and then decided to get the Manfrotto tripod and the 100mm Sigma Macro lens, these shots are of course the best. I managed to get very close to him, he flew off a few times but came back, I even got that on video but the lens was on auto-focus so messed up a bit. I have been back out to get some better video but he’s nowhere to be seen, I just hope he returns tomorrow 🙂

Canon 70-300mm IS
Sigma 18-70mm Art
Sigma 100mm Macro
Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod
360° Dome Cam (security light)